With the technology now, used construction equipment can be searched within a few clicks. And while locating the exact machine you want may not be a time-consuming process anymore, you still need to spend some time checking the machine you’re buying. How do you really know if you are getting what you are paying for and that there are no hidden problems with the machine that could lead to hefty repair costs?

It is important to ask the right questions to get as much detail as possible about your purchase. By answering all these questions, you can evaluate whether the machinery is going to meet your needs, whether you are purchasing it at a fair price, and whether you are buying from a reliable seller.

  1. Always ask to test operate the heavy machinery if you are seriously buying: You must always ask to test operate. Firstly, this will show you if the machinery starts. A no start engine or an engine that struggles to start and produces a lot of smoke is an immediate red flag warning. If you are not an expert in the handling of the machine, then take someone who has experience with you. They will be able to tell you if the machinery operates as expected if there are any problems that could lead to expensive repairs and most importantly whether the heavy equipment meets your needs.
  2. Ask for maintenance records and operation hours: If the machinery has been kept in good condition, the owner should be able to provide a complete history of service and maintenance. If there are long periods where the heavy machinery has not been serviced, you’ve got to question the working condition. Question the seller on how many previous owners the machinery has had and make sure that they can at least provide a history of maintenance for as long as they have owned the machine for. Make sure you check the record of operation hours too. If the machinery has been operated frequently but has a good maintenance history; it could be a better purchase than equipment that hasn’t been used much but has also not been serviced much either.
  3. Ask if you have any guarantee after the purchase of your machinery: The primary reason for buying used machinery is to save on big expenses. So always ask about a guarantee or service warranty.
  4. Are there any additional fees? It’s normal that you should expect some fees includedwith purchasing, therefore it is important to know the total you will have to pay. Before going to see the equipment and discuss pricing and fees, ask the seller whether transportation cost is arranged through the seller or you need to organize it privately. That way, you can compare it to what the seller is offering and see if it is a fair price.

Remember that you are making a financial commitment and you don’t want to risk having to pay out more than expected in repairs. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask the seller.

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