How to sell your machinery with Popmach mobile app in 3 simple steps.

Here is a quick look at how to sell on Popmach app, the 3 simple steps are:

  1. Open up your Popmach app and tap on "SELL"
  2. Take some picture (the more the better) of the machine you want to sell/rent
  3. Complete the process by filling the basic information of your machine

In this guide, we will show you step by step of how to sell/rent on Popmach with some screenshots.

Let's begin!

Step 1: How to start selling on Popmach?

Start by tapping on the "Sell" button in the app. Doesn’t matter if you are an android / iOS user, both the "SELL" button is located at the bottom and you will see it once you click into the Popmach app.

Here is what it looks like

Tap on the "SELL" button to proceed to Step 2!

Step 2: How to take a photo of my machine?

First impression matters and your pictures are the first thing the buyer sees when they browse through the marketplace and the most attractive images get the highest view.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take nice photos. We will include some tips for you to attract potential buyers.

Click on the "Add photo" button, you can either take a picture of your machine or choose from your gallery

Make sure when you take a photo, the machine is in the center of attraction. Here's some sample

Pro tips : Take different angles and important part of the machine like the engine, inside cabin, chains and etc.
: Use contrasting background so your machine stands out.
: Avoid using stock photos as buyer tend to avoid on those and original images get a higher view.

Once you are done with your photo selection, click on the "NEXT" button at the bottom to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: How to fill in the details of my machine?

Once you finish step 2, you’ll have to select the category where your machinery belongs.

You will then choose your machine is either for rent/sell. Next, you will have to fill in the necessary details about your machinery. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Then your next step is to decide on the price. How much do you want to sell your machine for? Check out our article about How to Estimate Used Machinery Price.

You may also include optional information like operation hour, mileage and etc.

Lastly,  you can fill in any other information that the buyers that might be interested in. Being specific works best for attracting buyers. Here's some sample of information you can include.

Once completed, Tap of the "Finish" button and your listing will be reviewed by the system and will be listed.

There you are all the steps for selling on Popmach. If you have any question, you may contact us at [email protected].

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Happy Selling on Popmach!