There are always people asks, "What can I do to increase my sales?" or "How can I get more people to view my products?"

It’s supposed to be simple. You sell, customers buy, you earn, repeat. But unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. So if you’re wondering why you don't seem to be getting that much sales, and you’d like to discover some tricks and tweaks on how to increase your sales without paying for ads, then here are some tips for you.

Optimize Your Item Category

Reason being, the more accurate the product categorization information is, the more likely it will become easier for the customers to search for your products. The more it will help improve your sales.

Product Descriptions

If your product description is short and incomplete, a lack of sales will be understandable. On the contrary, the more detailed your product description is, the more customers will be attracted to view the product information. Also, it's more convenient for your customers to find your product easily when searching for certain keywords.

Upload High-Quality Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words! Nice quality pictures are the key to high sales. According to research, customers prefer multiple product images from every angle so that they can examine the product before making any decision. You can learn basic of item photography by searching on YouTube.

Maintain a High Chat Response

Buyers are more likely to be interested in a product if there’s a human ready to give prompt answers to their questions. We know there are buyers who don’t read the item descriptions and keep asking questions that have already been answered. As irritating as this might be, you’ll still need to answer their chats because high chat response let your customers know that you’re serious about selling. How would you feel, as a customer, if you come inside a store without a salesperson, get it?


Learn everything there is to learn about online marketing. Stay curious. If everybody seems to be using Facebook and Instagram, perhaps it’s about time that you do something a little extra or perhaps different? After all, isn’t it rewarding to run your own show? :)

Now, try to practice the skill you just learned by selling your machinery.