When looking to sell your used machinery, the goal is obviously to maximize your profitand to determine the best selling price of your machine is important to attract potential machinery buyers and sell your equipment successfully. What should be your approach to estimate the value of your used machinery?

Detailed Approach

Determining the price to sell your machine, you should take this few factors into consideration:

  • Your purchased equipment was used or new?
  • How old the machine is at the moment of selling?
  • What is the condition (excellent, good, average, poor)?
  • Is the manufacturer of the machine is a well-known respectable brand?
  • How about technical specs, e.g. production capacity, dimension, power etc.

Compare with Other Seller

Check what price your competition or other machine sellers is selling. At Popmach we have hundreds of machines available for each machine category. You can visit the category and filter machines similar to yours. This way you will have an idea about what the general pricing policy is.

Details to Keep in Mind

  • Price can be negotiated. You can set the desired price of your equipment keeping in mind the final price might be negotiated. Based on Popmachs’ experience, it is sometimes necessary to go down with the price for deal closure.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of research. It is worth spending some time researching the current situation on the used machinery market, and the strategy other sellers or your competitor choose to sell their machines.
  • Any day is a good day to sell your used machine. Moreover, selling through Popmach app is so convenient and easy. So if you have a used piece of equipment for sale, don’t hesitate to start selling with Popmach now.