The bride and groom in Taman Kasih here were not only thrilled when their trip to the parade ceremony took place with a pavement machinery for a kilometer on the road, and the two heavy machinery finally made it as their wedding gift.

Participating in the parade, a team of villagers from Kampung Sembrong who also used the same vehicle caught the public's attention.

More to the surprise, Mohd Amirul Malek, 24, and his wife, Nurhazimah Amira Hazma, 24, valued at RM180,000 each is given as their most beautiful and precious wedding gift.

Mohd Amirul said his parents never told him anything about traveling to the ceremony, only to mention that something unusual was being prepared at the ceremony which was the youngest of four siblings.

“I am the youngest of four siblings while my wife is also the youngest of three siblings and it is probably our fortune to receive such an expensive gift.

"We are both excited about what our parents are doing and this gift will be a valuable family asset even though we intend to have a career in their respective fields and not be contractors in the future," he said.

Mohd Amirul said that before the ceremony at his house they had a wedding at his wife's family home in Raub, Pahang on Aug 31.

Meanwhile, Malek Sawin, 58, and his wife, Haslina Wagiman, 55, expressed their gratitude for the desire to donate the machinery when they received no objections from their youngest son.

According to him, the third child, Mohd Taufik, was given a heavy-duty truck delivery truck in conjunction with his wedding ceremony in 2014, so it would be unfair if the same thing was not done to their youngest son.

"The fact is, the giving of these gifts is not about showing off, but rather on handing over the responsibility to them to continue the enterprise empire built over the last 25 years," he said.

Source: MyMetro

Author: Adnan Ibrahim