If you want your excavator to keep doing excellent performance in extreme working conditions, it's important to maintain your excavator to ensure their performance.

Is your excavator having any of these problems?

  • Over heating
  • Dropping of pressure
  • Busting of rubber pipping
  • Start operating very slow
  • Generating abnormal sounds


  • Change hydraulic oil
  • Check main device before operation
  • Check main parts regulary
  • Replacing the parts from a reliable supplier
  • Choose the right grease
  • Keeping records of the condition

Don't forget to take the time to perform a daily walk-around inspection before operating the excavator. The inspection does not require much time and can easily pay for itself if an issue is discovered.

Daily Inspection Checklist:

  • Check to make sure there is enough coolant
  • Check engine oil and hydraulic oil levels
  • Check for leaks in compartments and under machine
  • Check track
  • Check coolers to make sure they are free of debris
  • Drain water from fuel/water separator
  • Check dust ejector from air filter
  • Make sure teeth are present on bucket and they are in good condition
  • Check wear plates on bucket
  • Grease all pins and bushings daily
  • Check controls and seat belt in cab and make sure they are operating properly
  • Turn on machine and check controls, windshield wipers, seatbelt and air conditioning system
  • Remove trash and debris from cab

Following these maintenance procedures and keeping proper records will help reduce operating and unscheduled maintenance costs and keep your excavator in peak running condition.