Generator sets are expensive and in order to make sure you get what you are paying for and that your money does not go to waste, there's certain things you need to consider before buying your ideal generator.

Here are four things you need to know before buying a generator:

  1. Fuel Type: The most common fuel types for generators are natural gas, propane and diesel. Gasoline generators might seem convenient at first but their short lifespan does not make them an ideal choice. Diesel prices have been going up recently and that is why diesel generator can prove to be quite costly. Choose your generator set based on fuel price and fuel availability.
  2. Fuel tank capacity and litres / hour of usage: You should always buy a fuel efficient generator, but you should also make sure that it holds a good amount of fuel. Keep these two things in mind while buying a generator set.
  3. Your power requirement: You need to have a clear idea of your power requirement. Based on this you can have a correct idea of your power requirement and hence will be able to choose the ideal generator.
  4. Warranty: The standard warranty for generator systems varies from company to company as well as generator to generator. It is ideal to understand the warranty duration and coverage to make sure that in case there is any fault in the generator set early on it will be covered by the company.

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